Settler Sports, Illustrated. An illustrated compendium of the sad, old-timey sports Settlers settled for playing instead of the good, new, fun kind of sports.
  Tree Wrestling.  It's Man vs Nature in a game of little to no skill.
  Run Around the Cow.  All this game needed was a cow and three men. Or two.  Or even one is fine really. As long as there’s a cow.
  Grab the Ham.  On the rare occasion when a settler got to the ham first,  a game of Maul The Man With The Ham would commence.
  Beehive Boxing.  Why put beehives on your hands and hit someone with them?  The bouts were so fast and ferocious, there was no time to ask.
  Athlete of the Year Settler-Fold. Hezekiah Fitzgibbons. Champion Horse Trough Diver.
  Butter Churn Toss.  Here we see a game in action. One man heaves the churn.  The others attempt to catch it but mostly just have it fall on them.
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